What is the goal?

My goal is to provide an unmatched continuum of C.A.R.E to my patients. C.A.R.E is a four pillar elevated approach to practicing medicine that, I found, is withheld from patients in other practices, and that is at the core of the MyPhysician Medical Practice.

What is C.A.R.E?


How We Communicate

An open flow of communication with your doctor is paramount. Whether you are talking about your symptoms, family, lifestyle, values, beliefs, or even your job, you are sharing information that is valuable, impacts your total health, and, therefore, allows me to conceive a more accurate and prompt diagnosis, which often proves to save my patients’ lives.

You are unique, and so understanding you as a whole person enables me to tailor the best approach and treatment for you as an individual. It has been my experience that personalized care is supreme, and is the end result of dynamic, honest, enduring, and reciprocal communication.

Our Level of Access

On the practical side, it is essential that all patients have easy access to their physician. Therefore, in addition to regular office hours, we offer 5PM appointments, same-day urgent care visits, e-mail consultations, and even cellular access.

However, in the ever-changing world of health care, excellent access is not only demonstrated through swift contact with myself (your primary care physician) but also through contact with specialists at St. Joseph Hospital and, if necessary, the best tertiary care in Boston.

My patients therefore receive the added benefit of a doctor that is deeply rooted in both the Nashua and the Boston medical communities, giving them access to New England’s finest.

In addition, my extensive training and experience in internal medicine and cardiology afford me the expertise necessary to actively participate in high-technology settings, such as tertiary care centers and intensive care units. This allows me to carefully orchestrate the management of your care, and means that my patients enjoy the same specialized treatment even outside of MyPhysician.

The Importance of Respect

I believe the foundation of our relationship is respect. On my end, respect implies a humanistic approach to your care, with appreciation for your individuality and personal values. There is no blind following or terse dictating at MyPhysician. I recognize your rights, your ability to make informed choices, and your unique health care needs. My promise is that I will represent you and promote your well being above all other considerations, and I will do so with you as opposed to at you.

The Levels of Education

Education is undoubtedly one of MyPhysician’s most unshakeable pillars and is expressed in several ways.

First, I strive to provide my patients with the information that will allow them to be active participants in the maintenance of their own health. To do this, a typical appointment at MyPhysician aims to answer all possible patient questions on a given issue, enabling the patient to make educated choices during and after the appointment.

In addition, while I encourage my patients to continue learning about their health, I commit to doing the same on their behalf. Medicine is an ever-evolving field that requires perpetual learning, so I welcome any research and reading suggestions from my patients and colleagues.

This four pillar system is the key to a fruitful relationship between a patient and his/her primary care physician. Since health should be everyone’s number one priority, it follows that the standard of care we seek and receive should be top notch. This philosophy is a short-cut free approach to medicine that places the patient on a pedestal, and his/her needs in the best possible hands.